I keep showing this Ted Video from 2006 to people who have to deal with statistics and data analysis, or those who should. In this video, the doctor and researcher Hans Rosling busts some myths about the so-called developing world. There is some criticism on oversimplification and his logarithmical scale calibrations, but thats not what i take away from watching the video. What kept me thinking, was how passionate he is about data and how much the right choice of visualization tools enables him to communicate a lot of information in ways that people can actually follow. I instantly had to think about using his Motion Graph to visualize our stats to better understand movements and changes in our Domainportfolio.
In 2007 google bought gapminder and soon after that made the Motion Graph tool available as part of their visualization API. You can test it using a google spreadsheet, i’ll post one later to play around with…
Here is a current Video on gapminder.org: http://www.gapminder.org/videos/the-joy-of-stats/
Look at your data!

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